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The yeti is a mythical creature and not found in real life. Rest assured, its not a yeti. No, this isnt an actual photo of the Himalayas as seen from space. Its actually a pretty old fake. As HoaxofFame and photo debunker PicPedant both point out, its a computer generated image from circa 2006 . Gorgeous? Sure. But a bit less stunning when you realize that it looks artificial for a reason. 12) Is this a real ad for asthma cigarettes? Amazingly, asthma cigarettes were a real thing.

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But this year the message has been "strengthened" and is more detailed, the BBC has discovered. Previous research has linked a shortage of beds to long delays in emergency departments and higher infection rates. Hospitals aim to avoid high bed occupancy rates to ensure that emergency patients can be admitted ครีมหน้าเงา ขายส่ง quickly. They also don't want patients to be moved around or placed on inappropriate wards to make room for other patients, and they need to have some slack in the system when numbers of admissions rise very quickly. Controlling infections and keeping everything clean can also be a problem if hospitals are too full. Emergency beds The Nuffield Trust analysis of hospitals in England ครีมหน้าใส มี อย shows that last winter the pressures on the system made sticking to a target of 85% of beds occupied almost impossible. On average, more than 95% of beds were ครีมหน้าขาวใสไร้สิว occupied every day. On the single busiest day, more than 4,300 extra beds - which are used when the system is under intense pressure - were opened, equivalent to more than seven extra hospitals. One factor was the number of patients who were medically well enough to leave hospital, but couldn't be discharged because of delays in setting up ongoing care. The report also found that on one day in January 2016: four out of 10 hospital trusts had more than 98% of hospital beds in use one in seven hospital trusts reported they didn't have a single spare bed more than 4,000 emergency beds had to be opened 'Real threat' Professor John Appleby, chief economist at the Nuffield Trust said: "With such high levels of bed occupancy linked to higher infection rates and longer waits in A&E, these pressures pose a real threat to the smooth running of hospitals and, ultimately, to patient safety. "What's more, the NHS is going into this winter in an even worse position than it was a year ago, with record deficits, worse performance against the A&E target, far more trolley waits, record delayed discharges from hospital, and fewer go right here people getting the help they need with social care.